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A Brief Guide to Admin Settings Login


Introduction IP address is one of the private IP addresses found in the private business networks. This IP address belongs to the private sub-network Some of the brands like Siemens, Edimax, Micronet and many others use it as their default address.

IP address in a subnetwork is by default assigned to several devices like modems, routers and many different internet of things devices like a smart speaker, raspberry pi, and web cameras.

IP Address Assignment in a Subnet

Sub-network or subnet is a network privately owned by an organisation which cannot be used publicly. A subnet is owned by organisations with sufficient number of IP addresses to be given or assigned to the clients or systems(devices) generally called assets in their network.

The switch or router in a network generally uses DHCP(dynamic host configuration protocol) to distribute IP addresses to clients in the network. It dynamically assigns IP addresses from a pool of specified range of IP addresses to devices in the network. The IP address once assigned to one device cannot be used for other device in the network.

The router normally assigns the IP addresses in a sequential manner from a pool of IP addresses to the clients or devices in the private local network. But the assignment of IP addresses by the router doesn’t ensure exact sequential order. The pool of addresses starts after up to the range of IP addresses owned in the subnet.

So the first IP address of the subnet is called Network ID and cannot be assigned or given to any client in the network. The second IP is called the Default Gateway of the network and defines some properties of the network, which is again cannot be assigned to any of the devices. Third IP address is by default assigned to modems, routers or switches for the purpose of setting up communication between various clients or systems in the network. Admin Settings Login

Through IP you can have access to the network settings page since it is assigned to the router or switch of the network which have responsibility of assigning IP addresses to the devices in the network.

To access the network settings,

  1. Just open any local browser on your system and type in the address bar and press enter.

  2. You will see a login page.

  3. Enter the login credentials such as username and password

Possibilities are that you may not be asked for your login credentials, but rather you may be automatically directed to the settings page.

What to do in case if you don’t remember your password?

In case if you have forgotten your password the first thing you should do is to try remembering the place where you would have been kept. And still if you don’t get it then the secondary option would be to force restart or reset your router.

How to reset wireless router password?

To reset the router’s password just look for the reset button on your modem and press that button for around 10 seconds or more. The router will be reset. Now that is reset you will be able to login with default usernames and passwords of routers from different vendors..

With correct login credentials you will be directed to the router’s configuration settings page. Even then if you are not able to login then it would be better to contact to customer support. Since anybody can access your comcast router login credentials, it is vulnerable to unauthorized access. So it is suggested to always change the default password into something which is safe and easy to remember.

And once successfully login you can easily change the password through change password option. After you reset your password you need to hold the router’s reset button for a while to activate it. Then login again and you are ready to go.


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